For the Academic Year 2016 – 2017

  • Greetings and a warm welcome to each and everyone present in the prestigious gathering. “It’s an enduring tradition to take time to pause, turn around to look at the fruitful year gone by”.
  • We thank the almighty for all the blessings bestowed upon us on our new venture, the establishment of CBSE stream of education National Academy Central School.
  • The students cheerfully entered the campus on 9 June 2016. The CBSE curriculum is designed keeping in mind the multi- dimensional child centric approach. It is both interactive and pragmatic.


  • The school follows Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) process for the entire school from class 1st to 5th CCE is the format implemented by CBSE, keeping in view the international standards. The child’s academic performance is measured in a series of formative and summative examinations with a lot of emphasis on learning through doing process.
  • We have incorporated 2 Digital Visual rooms for the demonstration of the smart class. The school is in tie up with octofive company for interactive teaching from std I to std V. the smart class provides great support through audio visual approach in addition to the normal chalk and talk method.
  • Our students were given opportunity to participate in International Silver Olympiad exam and all India Talent Examination in Mathematics, Science, English and Digital Technology organized by Macmillan foundation. Many students have excelled with distinctions. Enriching the vocabulary all the students were trained to participate in International Level Spell Bee contest where two students came out with flying colours.

Social Responsibility:

  • It is important for the children to take care of society they live in. In order to make people aware of the dengue epidemic an awareness campaign was organized by the students around the school neighborhood.


  • Many of our teachers were sent for in-service training pragramme conducted by NCSC, workshop organized at ceci on peace and non-violence and orientation pragramme headed by Dr. Ameer Ali on ‘How to be an Inspiring and Interesting Teachers’ to enhance their teaching skills and to know the best way to handle students.

Co-curricular Activities:

  • We believe that Music, Art and Craft, library usage, sports, co-curricular potential innovation in projects are as important for learning as Science, Mathematics and Social Science. Therefore each area finds a place for itself in the class time table after 2.30 pm and it is observed as

‘Desire of the day’.

  • The school trains the students not only in academics but also in the area of dance, music, silambam, carom, karate, keyboard, chess and drums to groom their special talents. Our little tots staged their performance in the National Youth Day celebration organized by Ramakrishna Math and participated in Camlin color contest.

Sports and Games:

  • The school organized a twelve- day swimming campaign forty five students from class 3rd to 5th enjoyed the training at Seethakathi Sethupathy stadium. The students became conscious of the fact that the ability to swim is an important survival skill and two students from class 5 emerged as winners of District Level Swimming contest.
  • Our sportive eminent students won awards in District level carrom competition, District championship tennis tournament and state level Invitational karate tournament.
  • All the activities scheduled at school encourage the children to develop the skills essential to face the future with the words of Dr. Maria Montessori. I sign out “Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of greater possibilities of their future.

Thank you.