National Academy Central School is a strong believer and promoter of holistic/all-round development of its students and follows CBSE curriculum which is not only relevant to the 21st century but also extremely practical and precise in its approach. NACS believes learning is an ongoing process and a vibrant curriculum may take the individual into the realms of co-existence with the immediate and future environment.

Conforming to CBSE’s curriculum and syllabus and leveraging the system of assessment, we at National Academy Central School have devised student-centric learning tools that focus on developing the skills and abilities of students at each stage of their school education and adequately prepare them for the future.

In the Primary (Classes I – V) and Middle (Classes VI – VIII) we focus on developing new skills in

  • Languages: English is the first language, with Tamil and Hindi being optional second and third languages
  • Reading and writing: Students are encouraged to take initiative to complete reading assignments and specially designed writing assignments
  • Critical thinking and problem solving: Mental mathematics, science meets/exhibitions
  • Communication and technology: Students are introduced to a variety of hands-on exercises to use software like: Photoshop, Oracle, Html, MS Office etc.
  • Engage in healthy competition: Through literary activities like Spelling bee, Elocution, Seminars, Extempore, JAM, etc.
  • Reading: Inculcating a habit of continuous learning and reading which will hopefully continue in the child’s future
  • Critical thinking and problem solving: Students at this level are encouraged to participate in various science competitions to work as a group and tackle difficult problems of the adult world
  • Community and social involvement: Opportunities are raised for students to actively participate in and in many cases lead in community initiatives organized by the school. Here students will directly apply their academic knowledge to tackle real world social problems

List of Books prescribed