Consultant, National Academy group of Schools.

From the Consultant’s pen…. National Academy School was started to satisfy the requirements of education lovers in the district of Ramanathapuram. Within a short span, the school gained popularity through its unique approach. Truly speaking, I am excited to bring to light that our school brought about a revolution in the field of education in this district. We have Matriculation and ICSE stream of education already. Gaining 25years of experience in education field we learnt expectations of students. Students’ one of the expectations is education through CBSE stream. So, National Academy Central School is born with the idea of stress-free and applied education. Few innovative programs of the school include the following…

Teacher time 20 minutes. Our team of teachers will give the zist of each lesson and remaining periods of the week, students will work on the lesson as activity, group discussion, experimental learning. All the student works are evaluated.

Question by students. Each lesson concludes with questions prepared by students under different categories and teacher will give the answer. It is evaluated. A child liking environment is provided. Hence, children love to come to school.

My team has thus, brought about a revolution in the field of education in the district of Ramanathapuram.

Thank you