Correspondent of National Academy group of Schools

Warm Greetings! Our concept of beginning a school to follow the CBSE stream is to nurture a ‘stress – free’ activity based primary education to children which makes them play and learn. In general, children do not choose to come to school. But parents just send them to school when they reach the appropriate age. They think that their wards come to school, to learn, whereas children want to make their presence at school, to play and meet their friends. This concept of children’s desire has kindled me to provide a school with a conducive environment for the children. I am proud to state that our school caters a “stress free” skill based curriculum by introducing ‘NO FORMAL EXAMS’. This schedule helps children to reduce the burden of carrying books and note books regularly. Both the schemes have been tried with the Primary classes (I to V) and they will surely reach the expected course of curriculum at the end of the year. The habit of regular reading practice among children can also be inculcated by us.

As the former President of India – Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam says, “Any change in the education to be brought out from Primary Classes”. We have chosen our action plan for the primary school students. We expect everyone to join with us for a good cause to educate children in a stress freeway, which enables children enjoy their doings. I do not believe in gaining mere knowledge from textbooks. My ultimate vision is to raise children to grow up into responsible citizens. Love for nature is instilled in the young minds by practising various activities, like conserving water, growing plants, avoiding plastic, carpooling and use of school vehicles to save fuel.

Wishing my team GREAT SUCCESS…

Thank you